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About 4 Him Bonding

In 2013 4 Him Bonding first opened their doors to provide people charged with crimes to secure pretrial release through bail. Since that great day we are proud to say that we have provided hundreds upon hundreds of people the ability to exercise their rights. 

4 Him Bonding was founded because we wanted to show our love of God when we created the name 4 Him. We decided that we would not judge anyone that has been arrested and charged with a crime and would treat each person with the kindness and respect that they deserve. We also believe that a bail bondsman is not here to judge anyone but rather to be here to help people in a weakened moment.

Professional Bondsman

About us photo of open handcuffs 4 Him Bonding’s bail bondsmen are true professionals. We make sure they are trained well and know how to work with our clients and the court systems we work within. Our bail agents are here to help educate people that may get confused with the criminal justice system and to show them how to better navigate through it. 

If problems arise during the live of the bail bond our bail bonding agents will be able to help to get things corrected. It is important to stay in touch with the bonding company so we can better serve you. Our job does not end when the bond is posted; we are here with you the entire time.