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Bail Bond services4 Him Bail Bonds is here to serve any bail bond needs in Calhoun County. We understand the process necessary to post a bond quickly and will work with any type of case that is bail eligible. When someone is arrested in Calhoun County they are most often brought to the Calhoun County JailWe can help you locate your family member or loved one if you are not sure which jail they may be located. 

We see it as an honor to be able to help the people that have been charged with crimes exercise their constitutional right to bail. If you need an experience and professional bail bondsman in Calhoun County call us now or send us an email message.

Misdemeanor Bail

A misdemeanor crime is best defined as crime that is less sever as a felony and will not result in a sentence where a defendant will be sent to a state penitentiary. Most misdemeanor crimes that results in a conviction usually end with a fine and/or county jail time of under one year.

4 Him Bonding will help anyone charged with a misdemeanor crime get out of jail fast. The majority of bail bonds issued for a misdemeanor are much lower than felony charges so the bond fees are more affordable. 

Felony Bail

A felony crime is best defined as any offense greater than a misdemeanor. Felony criminal convictions can result in death, life in prison, or any term in a state penitentiary for longer than one year. Felony charges may be brought from a state level or federal level prosecutor. 

We understand how felony bail is issued and how to work with the courts to secure defendants bail. Felony charges often have added requirements for bail and the professional bail bondsmen at 4 Him Bonding know how they work. We will make sure that everyone involved fully understands the requirements and expectations of the court so there are no accidental violations.